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Volume Eight | Issue Ninety-Three  

This is the ninety-first issue of BrandAid. It seems like we started this project just yesterday. That says a lot about the impact of branding. We’ve examined everything from food to political elections. Now that the vote is in on healthcare, Congress can get busy on the many problems that didn’t go away but took a vacation from the media. I guess if it isn’t in the news, it isn’t important.

what’s next?
We hear a lot about Toyota’s strange and scary problems that not only affect stopping but also uncontrollably accelerating. In the last two cases, both Toyota’s technicians and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have yet to confirm a faulty part or parts that caused two cars to accelerate. One was stopped by a police car moving in front of it and slowly braking to bring the runaway car to safe stop. The other incident didn’t have a happy an ending as the car was stopped cold by a brick wall.

electric ghosts
It’s like the cars were possessed by an electrical ghost. Of course, this doesn’t sound unreasonable to anyone who has used a computer. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to reboot a car’s computer at 90 miles per hour. Another analogy is that after the event, the symptoms are gone. It’s similar to being sick as a dog, and when you get to the doctor’s office you feel fine. Unless you fainted while behind the wheel of your car, this is a happy ending (at least for the moment).



what’s the cure?
An executive for the NTSB said these problems could be as hard to find as a proverbial “needle in a haystack.” That’s not very assuring to the person driving the haystack. But, I haven’t heard of many fatal haystack crashes.

I’m afraid the cure isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s almost like someone put a curse on the automaker. Other problems have started to surface. Although none are as serious, the problems are chipping away at the company’s stand on reliability and safety in its field. And, of course, this is hurting them financially. Toyota has always made good cars, and I hope it can find and end the problems.

and the beat goes on
Since I took a break while writing this, another Toyota has allegedly had a sticky accelerator. This time the investigators say that there was no mechanical failure. The “black box” in the car showed that the driver had held the gas pedal down until the vehicle crashed.

Has anyone investigated these drivers for things like claiming they were abducted by aliens or if they have a history of wanting to be a Kamikaze pilot. I would think people who don’t know the brake pedal from the gas pedal have a history of little or large accidents.

Just when I was thinking that Toyota’s problems were going away, the company has taken the position that there are no problem cars, just bad drivers and Toyota’s lawyers.



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C-r-a-s-h! Where is that haystack when you need to be driving it.


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